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Month: December, 2011

Slate’s second exhibition – Somhairle Kelly

On December 17 FARA’s photos came down and Somhairle Kelly put up his work – Woodblock and linocut printmaking, acrylics and jewellery.

Somhairle installing his work

The exhibition is up until 28 January, so if you’re passing through Leytonstone do take a look. Slate is underneath the library in the window of the old Waltham Forest Direct shop, and next to Stone Space gallery.


Slate’s first exhibition

Ferndale Area Residents’ Association hold a photo competition every year and always exhibit the entries later in the year. So they were our first exhibition – showing over 50 entries in 4 categories (Green, Active, Old & New, Junior) about life in Leytonstone.

Here’s the show:

Slate takes shape

Slate is the window display space in what used to be known as Waltham Forest Direct. It is now run by a group of people who also co-ordinate The Stone Space. Slate’s co-ordinator is Flash Bristow ( Exhibitions run for 6 weeks at a time.

Here are some photos of Slate taking shape back in November 2011:

Painting the boards:

The finished boards, waiting for their first exhibition: