About Slate

Slate is the window display space in what used to be known as Waltham Forest Direct. Established in 2006, it has been run from 2011 onwards by volunteers associated with The Stone Space. Slate’s co-ordinator is Flash Bristow (flash@slate-arts.com). Exhibitions run for 6 weeks at a time.

If you would like to exhibit at Slate please see the page on how to propose an exhibition.

There are 4 windows, each containing boards which are approximately 80cm wide x 168cm tall. The first window has 3 boards, the next two windows have 2 boards each. At the end is a window with 1 board and another 40cm wide, which has vinyls with the Slate branding in it. Therefore, just the three largest windows are used for display of artwork.

You can download templates of the space: Window 1; Windows 2 & 3; Overview. The overview will give you an idea of how our logo came about.

You can also read the Exhibition Rules which are issued to every artist, as well as a Hanging Guide which offers tips on how best to hang on Slate’s boards.

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