How to propose an exhibition

We are unable to take proposals at the present time.

Slate is hosted in the Leytonstone Library complex, and the Library is due to close for refurbishment between September 2014 – July 2015. Therefore, we do not know how Slate will be affected from September onward.

Once we have more information, it will be posted to this website. The information below remains for reference, but please do NOT send proposals at present. Instead, you may email to register early interest, and will be kept informed when we are able to accept proposals in future.

Thanks for your interest! All exhibition slots at Slate currently cost £10. They usually run for 6 weeks, and will hang and take down on Saturday afternoons. Anyone may apply – most of the artists who show at Slate are local, and they range from sixth form students having their first show through to internationally established names. If you’re new to exhibiting, don’t let that put you off – you’ll get guidance if you need it and we provide volunteers to help you hang.

First of all, please read the following documents, which may answer (or pre-empt) many questions you may have. It’s important to read them all, as the boards are quirky and there are only certain ways we can attach items to them. Therefore, it needs to be clear that you have thought about the constraints of this particular venue, and how it would apply to your work.

Now you’ve digested all that, please send me (Flash Bristow) a few paragraphs, detailing:

• The medium you use
• The theme of your proposed show
• The approximate size of the pieces
• The number of pieces
• How they are framed / mounted and how you propose to hang them onto the boards given the equipment available

Please also email me a few images of the work you will show, and if you have a website with extra information about yourself and your work, that would be useful too – but it’s not essential.

If there are any dates over the following 6 month period when your work would not be available to show, or you have a particular lead time (or could be ready to show at short notice if necessary) it is important to include this, otherwise you will be considered for any available slot.

You should email all of this to but it would be helpful if you would also cc: Please allow a week for a response.

Of course if you have any questions after reading the guides on the website please just email them to me. I’ll do my best to help. Also, if I have any queries from what you’ve sent, I’ll discuss with you so we can sort them out – most commonly issues relate to how to hang your work onto the boards, or if you have too many / too few pieces planned for your show.

Once we’ve got your proposal clear between us, it will go to a decision panel comprised of me, and two volunteers from Stone Space. We look at everything put before us and consider what would work best in the slots available, to create a fantastic programme of exhibitions through the year. I’ll let you know when the panel is meeting, and then pass on the result as soon as possible. If you’re not successful you are welcome to apply again with a different proposal.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are inspired to apply!